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11 MAR 2021
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1:35 AM

现代审计师 Modern Auditors


#许多人认为审计师很麻烦 总是在财务报表和报告上与客户的会计师争论。

Do you know how does auditor really add value to your business when conducting audit Many felt that auditors are often very troublesome and always argue with clients’ accountants on the financial statements and reports.


5 main areas that a MODERN auditor shall always highlight or even, GIVE recommendations to their clients during their audit work.


Tax Compliance – Upon auditing the company account, auditors shall be aware of any accounting errors or filing issues that may cause client exposed to tax errors risk.


Cash Flow Planning – Auditors normally have great experiences on various field of business and industries. Auditors shall share philosophies in cash flow management, ways to read the financial statement from layman perspective and helps client to move forward to their long-term financial goals.


Financial Road map – This applies to most companies and is especially important for Information Technology (IT) Industry start-up. Auditors may share ideas on fund raising in nowadays business world.


Risk and Control – Internal control and management data are key for business owner to make operational decision. Auditors shall advise clients to have complete Standard operating procedure (SOP) on the business operations and let client have clear picture on how to use the control to avoid unnecessary breaches, irregularities and even, frauds.


Business Advisory – Auditors may share some ideas to clients on how to automate and grow their business in today’s competitive markets. This involve more understanding on clients’ initiatives, long term goal and vision.

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我们是 #Bispoint 专门为顾客 #解决账目和税务上的问题

我们是 #Bispoint 专门为顾客 #解决账目和税务上的问题

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